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Dr. Barry Krakow, MD, is a board-certified sleep medicine specialist based in Savannah, Georgia, with over three decades of experience. He transitioned from a distinguished research career focusing on sleep disorders in psychiatric patients to a pioneering clinical practice. Dr. Krakow’s expertise began in 1988 at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine, where he co-authored the first randomized controlled trial on Imagery Rehearsal Therapy (IRT) for nightmares. His subsequent research at the Sleep & Human Health Institute resulted in extensive publications on IRT and the landmark manual “Turning Nightmares into Dreams.”

In 2001, Dr. Krakow’s groundbreaking work on nightmare treatment in PTSD patients was published in JAMA, establishing him as a leader in the field. His research illuminated the significant comorbidity of sleep disorders in mental health patients, particularly PTSD sufferers, highlighting the prevalence of sleep apnea in this population. Dr. Krakow’s clinical practice and research have been featured in prestigious medical journals, including the American Journal of Psychiatry, CHEST, SLEEP, and the Journal of Traumatic Stress.

His contributions to sleep medicine extend beyond research, as evidenced by his comprehensive guide “Sound Sleep, Sound Mind,” which introduced Sleep Dynamic Therapy™. Dr. Krakow has conducted extensive training workshops worldwide, including military bases, veteran’s medical centers, and civilian mental health institutions, emphasizing innovative approaches to sleep disorders in mental health patients.

Since relocating to Savannah in 2020, Dr. Krakow has continued his pioneering work, offering innovative sleep coaching services and collaborating with Gateway Behavioral Health Community Service Board to integrate sleep medicine into psychiatry residency training. His ongoing research and publications underscore his commitment to advancing sleep medicine and mental health treatment. His current academic appointment is Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health at the Mercer University School of Medicine.

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