The 2nd Opinion Program

Designed to provide you with a fresh look at your sleep problems, the program comprises three features:

1. Review medical records of past sleep studies,physician notes on your sleep disorders, previous diagnoses and past and current treatments.

2. Two hours of video conference time with Dr. Krakow to discuss his review of your past and current sleep disorder diagnoses and treatments as well as describing new treatment options and strategies.

3. A written comprehensive medical encounter note by Dr. Krakow to elaborate on the new assessments and recommendations for subsequent treatment and care plans.   

Click Here for Fees, Required Documentation and Scheduling

2nd Opinion Fees:  $1500 based on 5 hours of work at $300/hour.

To register, complete all forms at this link

Next, read the Disclaimer and check the box that you read and agree, then sign the consent form. Link here?

Then, you must arrange for your physician (does not need to be a sleep doctor) to write a brief referral letter to Dr. Krakow to include at minimum these two statements: “I am seeking a 2nd opinion for my patient (name here) who has been unable to find satisfactory assessments and treatments for his (or her) sleep disorders. I recommend this 2nd opinion consultation on my patients’ behalf.”  Email the letter to:

After completing these steps, you will be contacted to transmit your medical records at which point we request you make the $1500 payment through zelle or paypal through my personal email

You will be contacted to arrange scheduling for the two hour appt with Dr. Krakow.  Currently, appts are scheduled within two weeks.