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About Sleep Health Seminars

What is Video Chat?

Educational seminar on sleep health topics conducted by Dr.
Barry Krakow for individual students

Privacy Policy

Only first names are used during the session, but you will need 
appropriate identification to pay for the seminar through PayPal

Is this a medical encounter or is medical advice given?

No. This seminar is strictly an educational format.  Just like in a 
classroom, you should write down any ideas, recommendations or 
suggestions that you consider relevant to your sleep health to discuss 
with your providers at a later date. No notes, slides, or handouts are 
provided to you at any point in the seminar.

How do I pay?

Individual seminar sessions are priced based on time needed by the student.  The amount of time needed is determined after you complete your registration.  Dr. Krakow uses this information to suggest to you the relevant amount of time you will need to discuss your sleep issues and questions. 

Can I ask Questions?

Yes, we want you to ask questions of any type to promote an in-depth 
review of the topic under discussion.

Cancellation Policy