This section is for individuals seeking VIP treatment services from Dr. Krakow. THIS SERVICE IS CASH ONLY.  NO INSURANCE ACCEPTED. 

To be eligible, you must live in Georgia or New Mexico, where Dr. Krakow holds medical licenses, or if you live elsewhere you may visit Dr. Krakow in Savannah, Georgia.

To proceed, click the Information tab for fees, payment options and scheduling

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Fees are based on time. First appointments are typically $400 for about one hour.  Subsequent appointments are based on $300/hour and can be timed as short as 15 minute intervals or $75.

Payment is through our paypal system, and you can use your credit card with this system if you don’t have paypal.

Once you have completed the registration, Dr. Krakow will communicate with you to schedule.


Sleep Medicine History

Please check all the boxes that apply to your current sleep disorders:

OSACSAUARSComplex Sleep ApneaInsomniaNightmaresRLSPLMDParasomniaOtherOther

Check the boxes for conditions you currently receive treatment.

Sleep Disordered BreathingInsomniaNightmaresRLS/PLMD

What was the treatment for Sleep Disordered Breathing?

PAPOATOxygenSurgical procedures T&A;Tongue reductionSeptoplastyTurbinoplastyUPPPHyoid suspensionMMABariatricOther

What was your treatment for Insomnia?

What was your treatment for Nightmares?
MedicationsPsychotherapyIRT (Imagery Rehearsal Therapy)Other

What was your treatment for RLS/PLMD?
Vitamins/Minerals, and SupplementsMedicationsOther

What PAP (Positive Airway Pressure) therapy do you use?


What would you like to talk about?

Not getting a great response to PAPChronic mask issuesInsomnia is a big issueCurious to learn about nightmare treatment optionsWondering if restless legs or leg jerks might be part of my sleep problemJust can't use PAP for more than a couple of hours, if that.I would like to get off sleeping pillsThe quality of my sleep is very poor but I don't understand whyToo many hassles and side-effects in trying to use PAP that I don't know how to solveTrying to figure out if my mental health problems are causing my sleep problems or my sleep issues are causing my mental health issuesI'm just starting out in attempting to diagnose and treat my sleep problems.Chronic nasal congestion issues are affecting my sleep or my attempts to use PAPI lose sleep worrying about losing sleep.Waking up at night to use the bathroom is interfering with my sleep.Other