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Individual TeleHealth Zoom Appts require 60 minute ($300) or 90 minute ($400), depending on complexity. Generally, for more complex schedule 90 minutes.  Not so complex, schedule 60 minutes.

You can also schedule 60 min and then extend to 90 during the appt and pay the balance afterwards.

Please pay through zelle using my personal email For paypal, same email and please add 3% to total. 

Once you complete registration, you can use the same email to request a date and time of day for the appt.

Members of Bnai Brith Jacob synagogue receive a 50% discount on all services.



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    Individual TeleHealth Zoom Appt Participation Agreement

    Conducted by Barry Krakow, MD

    September 26th, 2019

    By reading, understanding, and clicking the checkbox below, you agree to the following terms in choosing to participate in this TeleHealth Zoom Appt:

    1. This TeleHealth Appt is not a medical encounter and therefore is not covered by insurance.

    2. Neither medical advice or treatment will be provided during this appt.

    3. No prescriptions will be provided.

    4. No documentation or notes will be provided to you after this appt.

    5. All note-taking and information gathered during the appt is your responsibility.

    6. You may ask any question you like, and all questions will be answered from an educational framework.

    7. Krakow’s responses are not recommendations for your personal treatment; instead, he will educate you on various treatment options he has observed in use by individuals in similar circumstances.

    8. Relevant information for your personal health obtained from this Appt should be discussed with your doctors before implementing any potential steps.

    9. The cost for this appt is paid out of pocket.

    10. Money paid for this Appt cannot be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement.

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