Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Training to Implement the PAP-NAP


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Target audience: All sleep providers and sleep professionals, including PSG Technicians/Technologists.

Through our revolutionary daytime procedure, the PAP-NAP, patients with insomnia or anxiety can be motivated to become compliant PAP users. This 2 hour lecture teaches you who are the appropriate candidates for the PAP-NAP and specific techniques to help your patients adapt to PAP therapy, during this daytime procedure as well as during regular night time titrations. The program revolves around Dr. Krakow's discussion of the TFI System, which stands for the thoughts, feelings, and images (TFI) that influence a patient's receptivity towards PAP therapy. Developing new skills based on motivational interviewing techniques, imagery applications, and sleep-related emotional processing will provide the tools to dramatically improve your engagement with reluctant or otherwise resistance sleep apnea patients.


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