Turning Nightmares Into Dreams – Digital Download


This very special work was written by Dr. Krakow and designed and edited by his wife, Jessica Kohr Krakow. It was originally designed as a definitive treatment manual for Imagery Rehearsal Therapy (IRT), the innovative nightmare treatment technique formally developed and tested by Robert Kellner, Joseph Neidhardt, Barry Krakow and Michael Hollifield at the University of New Mexico School of Medicine from 1987 through 2000.

The product consists of 4 hours of audio instruction provided by Dr. Krakow, accompanied by a pleasingly practical 100-page workbook. The program consists of 20 lessons, each one averaging about 10 minutes of audio and 5 pages of workbook. The workbook provides a series of steps, self-assessments, guides, recommendations and cautions on how to work to build your natural imagery system, and then how to apply that knowledge to use IRT to conquer disturbing dreams and nightmares. The most common buyers of the audio/workbook program are highly motivated nightmare or trauma patients who are eager to use a drug-free method to treat their bad dreams or mental health professionals who want to learn IRT.


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